Keiko awards and exhibitions


2nd Prize Paul Huybrechts FIDEM, 2014. International exhibition of contemporary medals,  Sofia, Bulgaria. 
Incentive Award, 2014. JJDA Japan Jewelry Art CompetitionTokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Sendai.
Award of Merit, 1991.  Copper3 National Metal Competition, Old Pueblo Museum/AZ   
Salon de Printemps Prize, 1986The department’s highest honor, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts.

 She got Metal M.F.A in the State University of New York, The College at New Paltz, in1989. 
In Tokyo's National University of Fine Art she realized : 
- Metal research
- Metal smithM.F.A. 
- Craft courseB.F.A. 
She studied Sculpture in Musashino Art University.



2019    The world beyond time and Space, Gallery Nobana /Ginza,  Gallery Marya / Osaka, Het Labo Atrium / Shinjuku Japan, 
2018    Cosmic Fragments,  Gallery Nobana /Ginza Tokyo, Gallery Marya / Osaka, Japan, 
2017 Intersection of Time and Space, Gallery Renaissance Square/Himeji, Gallery Marya / Osaka, Japan, 
2016    Planet Plants Medals,  Gallery Marya / Osaka, Japan, 
2015    Save Planet Plants,  Gallery Marya / Osaka, Japan, 
2014    Planet Plants,  Fredrick Harris Gallery Tokyo American Club/Tokyo, Gallery Marya / Osaka, Japan
2013    Planet Plants,  Gallery Marya, Osaka, Japan. 
2012    Planet Plants,  Gallery Marya,Osaka, Japan.
2011    Gift from the meteor, Dan Ginza Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
2002    Joy of Life,  Gallery Marya, Osaka, Japan. 
2001    Transcendent Passage,  Osaka, Kobe Japan.
2001    Two Person Show with Kit Saile, Gallery Space at Grace Church, New Jersey.
1999    The Cosmos Japan Traveling Exhibition,Himeji, Osaka,  Tokyo, Fukuoka. 
1999    The Cosmos, Two person show with Haruko Oie,  Galerie 141, Nagoya, Japan. 
1998    The Cosmos, Space Cave, New York. 
1997    Planet Plant, Gallery Marya, Osaka and Gallery Sudo, Tokyo.
1997    Earth and Planet, Two person show with Shouichi Murakami, Gallery 21, Fukuoka .
1997    Planet Plant, The Cave, New York.
1996    Shape of The Soul, Caliban’s, New York.
1996    Planet Plant, Hayato, New York.
1993    Subterranean Soul, Gold Bar, New York.
1987    The First Step, Awajicho Gallery, Tokyo .



2018 Medals and Contemporary art, FIDEM, The Canadian Museum of Nature (CMN), Ottawa, CANADA
2017        Medals Art to Honor, Dedicate and Remember, Bellefonte Art Museum / Pennsylvania                                                  
2016        Medals and Contemporary art, FIDEM XXXIV Gent - Namur Belgium                                                                        
2014        JJDA Art Jewelry Competition,  Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Sendai                                                            
2014        Medals and Contemporary art, FIDEM Sofia, Bulgaria                                                                               
2008   Defining Art, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art / State Universe ity of New York, NY.
2000        Contemporary Art-International Exchange, Ataka Museum / Tokushima, Japan.
1998         Japan Jewelry Art Competition, Ueno Forest Museum / Tokyo, Catalogue.
1996         Art Metal of Japan, National Ornamental Museum/ Memphis, Catalogue.
1994         Contemporary Color Jewelry, Setagaya Museum, Tokyo.
1991-2      Copper3 National Metal Competition, Old Pueblo Museum,Tucson AZ.
1990         Jewelry Exhibition, Luxembourg Museum, Paris, Catalogue .
1989-90    Silver New Form and Expressions,   Fortunoff, NY, National Ornamental Metal Museum, Memphis, Art Museum at Univ. of Iowa, Catalogue.
1986         International Jewelry Competition for Hair and Head Ornament, The Schmuck Museum Pforzheim/West Germany.
1984         Japan Contemporary Crafts Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum. 
1986         From Sound, Stripe House Museum, Tokyo.



2017          Planet Plant, Panahome Hiyogo, Japan.
1985~19  Best Jeanist, Personalized Trophies, Dents Co.,Ltd.  / Tokyo.      
2007         The Flame of Life, SNI Center, New York.
2007         Bridge to the Planet, Sculpture Park, Finland.
2001         Planet Anju, Pirkkala Medical Center, Finland.
1999          Planet Plant, Panahome Hiyogo, Japan. 
1997          Planet Plant, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art / State   University of New York, College at New Paltz.
1989          Facade & Essence, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art / State University of New York,  College at New Paltz. 
1986          Scenic Cloth, Shugen Temple, Tokyo.
1985          Mechanical Copper Dancing Dolls for the Entrance Clock Tower, Seibu Amusement Park,  Seibu Co., Ltd., Tokyo.



2018        FIDEM USA : EMERGING ARTISTS,  Medialia Rack and Hamper Gallery, New York
2014        JJDA 50th Anniversary Exhibition, Hillside Terrace, Tokyo
2013        FIDEM USA : EMERGING ARTISTS,  Medialia Rack and Hamper Gallery, New York
2012        YU-play Exhibition 2012,  Tennozu central tower art hall, Tokyo Japan.
2012~3    Jewelry Show,  Gallery Due, Sendai, Japan.
2012        Art Jewelry,  Medialia Rack and Hamper Gallery, New York
2012~3    Jewelry how,  Seido Gallery Tokyo, Japan
2010        Your Documents Please, Alma in Manhattan, New York, USA.
2005~10  Jewelry Exhibition,  Dan Ginza Gallery, Arche Gallery, Due Gallery, Japan. 
2009        Your Documents Please, Galería Ajolote Arte Contemporáneo, Guadalajara, Mexico. GALÉRIA Z - Bratislava, Slovakia. Galerie Kurt im Hirsch, Berlin, Germany. 
2008~9    Taste of Japan, Seiai Gallery, Tokyo.
2008        Your Documents Please, 2B Galéria, Budapest, Hungary. Museum of Arts and Crafts - Itami, Japan. ZAIM & Galerie Paris, Yokohama, Japan.
2007         8 X Solo,  Gallery Ocarina, Tokyo.
2000~4    Sculptural Jewelry,  Dan Ginza Gallery, Tokyo.
2003        NYC Jewelers’ Showcase,  L.e.s.x. Gallery, New York.
2001~7     International Cast Iron Art,  Pirkkala Municipality, Exhibition Hall, Finland.
2001         Cathedral Arts Festival,  Grace Church Van Vorst, New Jersey.
2000        Williamsburg Bridges Japan,  Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, New York.
2000        Autum Collection 2000, Dan-Ginza Art Jewelry Gallery, Tokyo.
2000        Urban Landscape, St. Lucy’s Church, New Jersey.
2000        Half of Our Life, Jiheigumi Exhibition,  Yamawaki Gallery, Tokyo.
1999         Crossing Into the New Millennium, Bertone Gallery, New Jersey.
1999         Friends without a border, Knickerbocker Gallery, New York.
1998         Contemporary Cast Iron Art, Johnson Atelier / New Jersey.
1997         Jiheigumi Exhibition, Tennouzu Central Tower Gallery, Tokyo.
1997         When World Collidge, Gallery 402, New York.
1997         The Nature of Our Environment, The Times Square Gallery, New York. 
1997         AUN, Gallery 128, New York.
1997         East meets West, Emerging Collector, New York.                        
1996~9     Jassi Summer Celebration, Theater for New City, New York. 
1995         Rise & Shine, Cast Iron Gallery, New York.
1993         Women & Their Works, Texas.
1993         Outside & Inside, Two person show with K. Saito, Tenri Gallery, New York.
1992         The Salon of the Mating Spiders, Test Site Gallery, New York. 
1992         Egg Art ‘92, Sarah Rentschler Gallery, New York. 
1989         World Design EXPO Exhibition, Nagoya, Japan, Catalogue.
1989         MFA Graduate Thesis Exhibition, Collage Art Gallery, SUNY New Paltz.
1988         Japan Jewelry Competition, Seibu / Tokyo, Harshen / Osaka, Catalogue.
1987         Joul Night, Light Exhibition, Seibu Crafts Gallery, Tokyo.
1987         Gallery Opening Exhibition, Art Act Gallery, Tokyo. 
1987         Jewelry Exhibition, Seibu Department Store, Tokyo. 
1985~87    Metal Works, Group Aragane Exhibitions, Ginka and Yamaha Gallery, Tokyo. 
1986         Jewelry Exhibition of Female Designers, PARCO, Tokyo. 
1986          Exhibition of 100 Young Artists, Shibuya 109 / Tokyo. 
1986          International Jewelry Show, Paul Smith /Juror, Tokyo / Osaka, Catalogue.
1986          International Jewelry Competition for Hair and Head Ornament, The Schmuck Museum Pforzheim / West Germany. 
1985          Contemporary Jewelry Design Show, Tokyo / Osaka / Fukuoka / Sapporo. 
1984          BFA Graduate Thesis Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum



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2019         Gallery talk, Het Labo Atrium / Shinjuku Tokyo Japan, 
2018         Lecture; FIDEM, The Canadian Museum of Nature (CMN), Ottawa, CANADA    
2016         Kikuko’s Salon Lecture; The Win WIn Tokyo Japan 
2007        LectureInternational Cast Iron Art,  Pirkkala municipality / Finland
1999         Lecture; Nagoya Art University.
1996~99     Curate Summer Exhibition for Japanese American Social Services, New York. 
1989~98     Model Making for Special Effects; Phill Marco Production/ NY,  Prop Art/ NY, Works New York/ NY,  Barkshier Motion Picture/ MA, Aoki Studio/ NY, Art4Ads/ NY.
1998         Lecture & Workshop;  International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art, Johnson Atelier, New Jersey.
1996         Lecture & Workshop;   National Ornamental Metal Museum, Memphis. 
1995         Lecture & Workshop;   University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. 
1994         Lecture & Workshop;   International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art, Birmingham, Alabama.
1991          Lecture;   Japan Jewelry Designer’s Association/ Tokyo. 
                 Lecture;   Tokyo National University of Fine Arts.
1989         Lecture & Workshop;   Introduction of Japanese Metal Techniques, SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths) Top Dog Studio, Boston
1989         Instructor ;  Basic Metal, State University of new York, College at New Paltz.
1988          Instructor ;  Introduction of Japanese Metal Techniques, SUNY New Paltz.
1986~87     Planning Designer; Kankyo Keikaku,  Isogai, Japanese Hair Ornaments, Tokyo. 
1986~87       Founder and Manager; Way Art Produce (Sculpture and Design, Produce Art Show).
1985~87       Instructor ; Craft and Metal smith, Art Studio at National Children’s Castle, Tokyo.
1982~85       Founder and CEO; GAMMA Logic Art(Jewelry, Ornaments Design) Tokyo.