Precious Metal Jewelry


Keiko, a Japanese metal sculptor living in New York began making jewelry in 1985. Keiko’s jewelry design began in tandem with her career as a sculptor.  For a time, she exhibited her sculpture and jewelry separately.  As the two worlds fused, she created the jewelry that was meant to exhibit with her sculpture. Keiko was interested in bringing her work further into people’s lives. Her first collection was met with excitement.  Jewelry is closer to people, they have more personal interaction with it than with other forms of sculpture and art. They don’t just watch,  they participate.

Since then, Keiko has exhibited her work around the world. The exhibitions of her work in the Jewelry Art Competition in the Ueno Forest Museum in Tokyo Japan, Jewelry Exhibition in Luxembourg Museum Paris France and The schmuck Museum Pforzheim Germany are among the many opportunities she has had to bring her work to people. A palpable passion for her work, a vibrant, tactile drive to create and express the elements of nature have been an engine of success for Keiko’s work.


 It is her desire to enhance people’s lives that imbues her elegant and graceful jewelry with vital energy. The forms she uses come from nature. From objects as small as seeds, to forms based on entire solar systems, her work never departs from the timeless, universal energy and radical shapes of the natural world. Her jewelry is a personal extension of her sculpture. When making metal sculpture, she prefers the earthy aesthetic of copper. In the same vein, her jewelry is made of green gold,  it’s hue is more subtle than that of yellow gold.